COVID-19 Upgrades

Restructuring of Kitchen
Introduction of 1000 Square Feet of Wall Tile
(floor to ceiling 12by 24 inch white porcelain tile: covering prep, dishwashing areas, pantry, staff washroom, kitchen line and hallway)
Gas Snap Valves (allows for appliance access and movement)
New Dishwasher (state of the art, regimented service contact)
Upgraded Hot Water Boiler System (180 degrees fahrenheit temperature)
New Air Make Up System (curbing negative air flow while increasing fresh air quality for our kitchen staff)
Refurbished all Stainless Steel Counters and Sinks
Anchored Stainless Steel Shelving to the Ceiling (allows for free movement of counters and appliances)
New Salad Table Refrigerator on Wheels (reliable temperature, energy efficient, easier to move)
New CharBroiler (optimal heat transfer, energy efficient)
Walk-in Coolers (new refrigeration lines and insulation, upgraded floors and panels)
Mildew Resistant Paint on all surfaces
New LED Panel Lighting throughout (smooth even illumination, energy efficient)

All these kitchen upgrades will provide us the necessary tools to:
• regulate temperatures
• create efficient work stations
• easy to clean surfaces
• reinforcing strict sanitation regiments
• to continue producing high quality food
• enhance the work environment for all our employees

Bar & Dining Room Upgrades
Installed New Hand Scraped Walnut Floors throughout
New Porcelain Tile Foot Rests on Bar Side
New Dining, Lounge Chairs and Bar Stools
Exposed & Reconstructed Front Bay Windows
(new seating arrangement and finishes)
Introduced economizer on Hvac System (20 percent of continuous fresh air flow)
Painted surfaces throughout

All the esthetical changes we made to our dining room & bar area will provide comfort and privacy while continuing to pay respect to the historical tradition of the old mansion while introducing a contemporary edge. In addition, the natural light from our newly exposed windows and fresh air flow from our economizer will definitely enhance your experience at the Blake House.

Introduced New Staircase (non slip composite stair planks with LED lighting)
Painted and Sealed Historical Windows

All the necessary measures were taken to make sure the front steps
are safe (during all weather conditions) and properly luminated.