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The Blake House

David Araya was a becan in the darkness, houses seem to have soul and there life force lives on. The Blake House at 449Jarvis was built in 1891. It was owned by Edward Blake, who was the second premier of Ontario. Three young brothers Nick, James, and Micheal have restored this building to every last detail. This building is exquisite with one of the best patio's literally in the TO. They have kept the prices on everything reasonable. First of all everything is homemade and it's amazing unique. The bread is baked here even the butter is original. They have Shepard's Pie Samosa, it is a crisp patty stuffed with beef, potatoes, peas, carrots, and yes served with a bourbon beef gravy. You will keep saying WOW is that good. The wings are oven baked. We ate four plates, they are that good. Imagine citrus ginger, roasted habanero , home made jerk sauce. The Blake House nacho's will change forever in your memory forever. This may seem like pub food, the flavour here is fresh healthy and exciting your pallet. Even the Caesar Salad is lighter and boy is it ever fabulous. The sandwiches are made with the brothers love of good food. The pulled pork is very slowly roasted pork for six hours and even the tangy red cabbage slaw, says we love you. The pot pie is going to be the best you've tasted in your entire life. They have a choice of two Stout Steak Pie and Chicken Pot Pie. The flavour is enticing you to treasure each bite. I have tasted a lot of mac and cheese the one made here is a jewel. Everyone keeps screaming my name about how were suppose to share. I had my fork ready stay away from me. They have steaks which is economically prices and oh so tender. This is a restaurant is going to chance Jarvis and Wellsely. You can almost hear Edward Blake saying I can rest now. The love I had is back and very alive in my house. This restaurant has soul and a beating heartbeat of three caring brothers.
The Blake House 449 Jarvis St. 416-975-1867

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